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We're passionate about healing

Manna House is a homelike retreat located on the Staffordshire/Cheshire border and runs parallel to the Mersey Canal. Manna House has been using natural health principles to help the body heal itself. It was established for the purpose of educating people in the principles and laws of healthful living. These laws are conceptualised in the acronym RESTORED as follows:

  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Energising Exercise
  • Sunlight
  • Trust in Divine Power
  • Open Fresh Air
  • Refreshing Water
  • Eating Healthy
  • Daily Temperance

Our 7 day residential programme teach guests how to live a lifestyle to address many of today’s diseases such as hormonal imbalances, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, mental health and others.

We also provide one-off treatments such as colonic hydrotherapy or food allergy testing; weekend events on topics such as Women’s or Men’s Health. Manna House provides an array of natural remedies, health lectures and hands-on learning on a wide range of health topics to help our guests to make better choices and firm decisions for change.

About our approach

Natural and educative

Manna House focuses on educating people to ascertain the cause of disease, change unhealthful conditions, correct wrong habits, and assist nature in her effort to expel impurities and to restore right conditions in the body.

Natural remedies, in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, are an effective means of treating many of today’s diseases. However, to do so it is important for all impurities to be cleansed from our body. For this reason our programme is specifically focused on body detoxification.

Manna House is truly a Christian, wholistic, Bible-based, health education and wellness centre that treats common health conditions and share wellness principles. It is committed to improving your total health and well being through natural methods and the 8 laws of health.

Manna House is truly a Christian, wholistic, Bible-based, health education and wellness centre that treats common health conditions and share wellness principles.

Our story

We've been healing for some time

For more than 20 years we have been delivering health and wellness interventions to family, friends, colleagues at work and their friends. We have treated people in homes, community centres, churches and private clinics. Due to our clients increasing requests for a dedicated residential Wellness Centre in the UK Manna House was established in 2017.

Manna House is a homely retreat located on the Staffordshire/Cheshire border. It runs parallel to the heritage rich Mersey Canal which has extensive beautiful walks.

Health programmes will be starting soon

Coming July 2018

In the meantime, you can complete the enquiry form and we’ll be in touch with you soon.