Seven to Ten Day Programme

Here's a flavour of what to expect

Example 1-week programme

Your programme would be customised to your needs

We take time to understand you and your needs. We make sure that the care we provide is tailored to start you on a path to better health, and a better life. Take a look at a week at Manna House to understand more of what it could look like for you:


Your stay at Manna House starts on Sunday with a gourmet plant based lunch, prepared from the freshest ingredients and cooked in our kitchen. On this first day you will also have a private consultation with our natural health consultants and a programme devised according to your personal needs. In afternoon you will enjoy your first therapy which is usually salt glow or a herb bath, and then attend an introductory lecture outlining the activities for the next few days. In the evening you will savour the freshly made vegetable broth and then return to your room to drift off to sleep.


Monday begins early with supervised exercises and a pleasant walk along the Mersey Canal. After this exercise you will be treated to your first juice of the day, after which various freshly-made juices will be served every two hours. Each juice is accompanied by a protein or other supplement, which helps in the detox and curbs any hunger pangs. An hour later, the first health lecture starts. Here you will learn about various processes of the body and how the body possesses amazing techniques to recover from disease, given the correct opportunities.


The second day of the programme is much like the first day, where you will participate in the juice fast, enjoy treatments, lectures, canal walks, exercise classes and then a sauna in the afternoon. There is also time between these activities where you can pursue activities – or non-activities – of your own choosing.

Wednesday onwards

Wednesday morning commences with a more vigorous early morning walk, followed by a breakfast of fruit and other delights. This is followed by more interesting lectures, more relaxing and cleansing treatments, and then another mouth-watering wholesome lunch. From today onwards, there will be a various demonstrations on cooking with the day usually ending with the sauna. The array of dishes for the rest of the week includes baked potatoes, fresh salads, lasagnes, and other filling and palette-pleasing repasts.


Sunday morning you will enjoy a hearty and delicious breakfast with all the staff of Manna House, before packing and saying goodbyes. Departure is usually between 9 and 10am.

Programme completed

Most people find themselves experiencing ambivalent emotions – they look forward to getting home and sharing their new knowledge and energy, but at the same time are sad to be leaving such a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Each guest leaves with new friendships and memories that often call them back for return stays!

Come and experience the programme at Manna House yourself.

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