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Our Therapists are highly trained and knowledgeable professionals and natural health practitioners who have a wide range of skills and experience of natural remedies in line with the Eight Laws of Health which is supported by a raft of scientific evidence. Our approach is wholistic and we view the entire person which includes the body, mind and spirit.

About the treatmeants

Natural and educative

colon hydrotherapy-min

Colon Hydrotherapy

Warm filtered water is infused into the colon to clear waste and toxins. Excellent for conditions such as IBS, bloating and constipation. This treatment is relaxing and often relieving and kick starts a detox programme. There are three possible enemas: coffee, herbal and probiotic implant.

food allergy testing-min

Food Allergy Testing

A small amount of blood is taken from the finger and tested against 60 different foods. Results are available within 30 minutes. Nutrition consultation included.

nutrition consultation-min

Nutrition Consultation

Undertaken as part of food allergy testing or part of wholistic assessment.

abdominal massage-min

Colon and Abdominal Massage with Castor Oil wrap

Helps to release twists and torsions and bring blood flow to the abdominal organs clearing toxins and waste products. It addresses a long list of problems from IBS, infertility, menstral complaints, depression, thrush, weight gain and others.

back, neck massage-min

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage with Essential Oils

Stimulating back and shoulder massage tackling problem areas using essential oils.

foot massage-min

Feet Salt Soak and Massage

There is a choice, depending on condition, of magnesium sulphate, Dead Sea salt or Sodium Bicarbonate in which feet are soak in hot and cold water, followed by a deep feet massage.



Helps to reduce inflammation and supplies heat or cold to a body part or the whole torso.



Poultices made from herbs, grains, charcoal, salts to aid healing and drawing out infections.

bi carb wraps-min

Bi carb Wraps

Used in various conditions including cancers.

Traditional Coal Sauna and Steam Bath-min

Traditional Coal Sauna and Steam Bath

Produces vigorous sweating which can increase the breakdown of excess fats and carbohydrates, useful in chronic rheumatism, addictions and other conditions.

salt glow-min

Salt Glow

Moisten Sea Sea salt is rubbed on the whole body while the feet is immersed in hot water and concludes with a shower then dried briskly. Salt Glow is useful in building up general body resistance.

Spa bath-min

Spa Bath

This is used in conjunction with neutral showers and is effective in boosting the immune system.



Used during winter months and is beneficial to those with low vitamin D and acts as a boost to the immune system.

heat lamp therapy-min

Heat Lamp Therapy

Treatment of localised pain.



We supply a limited amount of high quality supplements as we teach our guests how to identify and use local herbs to provide their essential nutrients.

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